Do Bond Girls Really Like Casinos? | Movie 007 Series

It is a ghost series that has passed half a century with 24 works from the first work released in 1962 to the latest work. 007 , also known as Double O Seven, can be said to be a movie that has been loved by fans all over the world for a long time.

Even if the generation changes, I think that many people have seen 007 as James Bond once. James Bond, the protagonist of this movie, which has become the gold standard of spy action movies. What kind of actor has played Bond in the past? Sean Connery as the original James Bond, the most in the 007 series, the second generation George Lazenby who appeared in only one work, the third generation Roger Moore who helped the resurrection, the fourth generation Timothy Dalton who was outstanding in novelty, complete Perfect 5th generation Pierce Brosnan, quiet and tough 6th generation Daniel Craig.

In all 24 works, 6 actors have played the leading role, James Bond, 007. Of these, many people think of Sean Connery when it comes to memorable James Bond.

Speaking of James Bond, the scene that uncovered the card game of Alliq Goldfinger at Casino Royale is also a famous scene. The JAMES BOND 007 exhibition, which looks back on the 50-year history of the Bond series, is now being held in Paris, France.

It seems that this is the latest version of Paris with the material of the latest series “007 Specter” added to the exhibition held in London in 2012 to commemorate the 50th anniversary.

Bond is the origin of action heroes and has been loved all over the world and has fascinated fans. The secret lies not only in the sexy Bond statue, but also in the Bond girl costumes that are upgraded every time and entertain the eyes, and the fashionable set design.

In this exhibition in Paris, while the famous theme song is playing, the trademark Bond Car is exhibited, and at 007 Gold Finger, the famous woman who seduced Bond was covered in gold powder and died in bed. The corner where replicas of the scene and maniac items of the familiar characters M and Q surrounding Bond are exhibited is also eye-catching. The most notable corner is the casino room.

From villains to bond girls, the casino reproduces the personalities and situations of various characters, and luxurious costumes and accessories are on display. Also on display at the new location are Eva Green’s costume by Roberto Cavalli at 007 Casino Royale, Naomi Harris’s silk dress from 007 Skyfall, and Léa Seydou and Daniel Craig’s costumes from Specter. It can be said that it is an irresistible sight for fans because it has been done.

As an aside, a charity auction called 50 YEARS OF JAMES BOND – THE AUCTION was held at Christie’s, a British auction house. It seems that a total of 50 items related to all 23 works have been exhibited up to the 23rd Skyfall, which is the 50th anniversary work of the series, so if you are interested, please have a look between online casinos.


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